Daniel Robinson

Mr. Daniel Robinson is a Senior Software Engineer at Remote Sensing Solutions, Inc. He has over twenty years of software design and development experience. He has been responsible for all aspects of several successful software projects, including requirements discovery, specification, time and expense budgeting, design, development, testing and post-deployment customer support. He has worked on several projects for recognized leaders in the telecommunications, finance, and marketing industries. A primary focus of this experience has been in the development of applications used to translate data from various protocols in order to facilitate communication between diverse pieces of equipment. Mr. Robinson earned a BS in Computer Science from Fitchburg State College.

Mr. Robinson joined RSS in July of 2006 to lead the design and development of the Airborne Atmospheric Measurement and Profiling System (AAMPS) Main Data Station (MDS) and Configurable AAMPS Modules (CAMs). These systems were developed to provide the next-generation data collection, processing and visualization system for NOAA's Aircraft Operations Center aircraft. Attributes of the software modules for AAMPS include the real-time receipt, processing, NetCDF archive and display of data from the myriad instruments onboard NOAA aircraft. This flexible system was designed to achieve failsafe operation with no loss of data, extensibility and configurability through an XML-based system architecture and a user interface allowing control and visualization of the objects comprising AAMPS.

Some of his initial work at RSS also involved development of additional modules for the StormAnalyzer Data System. As part of that work he implemented advanced GIS mapping features with real-time data overlays. For each hurricane season since 2007, he has taken the leading role in the development of real-time data transmission and processing client-server applications which have been deployed on NOAA's WP-3D and Gulfstream-IV "Hurricane Hunter" aircraft. These applications transmit scientific and radar reflectivity data from the aircraft to the ground in real-time, providing access to data that was previously only available post-flight for ground based users at organizations such as the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP).

Prior to joining RSS, Mr. Robinson worked for Excel Switching Corporation designing, developing and supporting applications for Excel's line of open programmable telephone switching platforms. Also while at Excel, he helped to create some of the first proof of concept Voice Over IP systems. Prior to Excel, Mr. Robinson worked for Widax Corporation where he was a key contributor to the design and development of a multi-process, platform independent OAM&P system for monitoring a wireless internet access system.

Major technical experience/capabilities:

  • Object oriented design and development in multiple programming languages
  • Developing protocol translation applications
  • Real-time data processing, storage, and dissemination
  • Requirements discovery, analysis and documentation
  • Creating end user documentation